“Foreign Reports’ Tai’an Journey” came to a successful conclusion,impressed with vibrant local economy and culture

October 14, 2023, The Foreign Reports’ Tai’an Journey,organized by the Publicity Department of Tai’an , came to a successful conclusion.

Eight media representatives from five countries, included Canada, Italy, South Korea, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates, had an immersive experience of the vitality, advantages and great results achieved by Tai’an in culture and tourism, modern agriculture, and green, low-carbon and high-quality development.

They came to Dayue District, High-tech District, Mount Tai District and Mount Tai Scenic Spot successively to feel the beauty of the scenery, the development of cultural industry, the power of digital cultural technology and the profound heritage of Mount Tai culture. In Mount Tai -Jiunvfeng Revitalization of Rural Areas, they learned in detail about the themed villages with various characteristics; coming to the wisdom exhibition hall of the press and publication town, they listened to the development process and historical background of printing in China, and experienced movable-type printing; going into the International Cultural Big Data (Mount Tai) Industry City located in Mount Tai District, they felt the deep integration of science and technology and culture, and learned the construction of the cultural industry platform with the cultural big data as the core; The large-scale live performance project ” Fengshan Ceremony of Mount Tai” is based on Mount Tai culture as the creative material, where they feel the profoundness of ancient Chinese culture through the grand and spectacular performance.

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