The Little Car Company to Showcase Three Unique Vehicles at 2024 Canadian International AutoShow

Grand Touring Automobiles to feature exceptional scaled cars in its 50th anniversary exhibit

TORONTO, Ont. — Some things will be a little bit smaller at the 2024 Canadian International AutoShow.

Grand Touring Automobiles, Canada’s premier retailer of luxury automobiles, will be showcasing three unique re-creations from The Little Car Company during the AutoShow — a Ferrari Testa Rossa J, Bugatti Baby II and the all-new Bentley Blower Jnr, which will be making its Canadian debut at Toronto’s automotive expo.

The three cars will be part of Grand Touring Automobile’s exhibit — helping it mark 50 years in business — on the 700 Level in the South Building of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. 
“The Canadian International AutoShow is a showcase of all that is new, unique, innovative and interesting in the automotive world,” says Jason Campbell, General Manager of the AutoShow. “The vehicles from The Little Car Company are astounding representations at a smaller scale. Fun to look at. Fun to drive. They are a great addition to this year’s show.”

The UK-based Little Car Company is globally recognized as a leading expert in crafting exceptional junior cars through exclusive partnerships with top-tier car manufacturers. Each vehicle is an officially licensed brand product, meticulously hand-built in the United Kingdom with unparalleled care and attention to detail.

Each car they craft is an exquisite reproduction of the original at a slightly smaller scale. The attention to detail and unwavering commitment to quality result in vehicles that showcase engineering magic, perfectly representing the prestigious marques they collaborate with:

  • Bentley Blower Jnr. — A scaled version of the car reputed as the most famous Bentley in the world, the Blower Jnr is a faithful re-creation of the 1929 Blower, a 4 ½ litre Supercharged Team Car No. 2 in Bentley’s Heritage Collection. The Blower Jnr is crafted by hand to the same standards as any Bentley, and adorned with beautiful details all inspired by the original Team car. Blower Jnr is built around a 48V electric powertrain with a 15 kW (20 bhp) motor, meaning a top speed of 45 mph / 72 km/h in the UK and EU (25 mph / 40 km/h in the USA due to legislation) and an expected range of around 100 kiloemtres, with tandem seating for two adults.
  • Bugatti Baby II — Built to mark to the 110th anniversary of Bugatti, the Baby II pays homage to the Ettore Bugatti’s masterpiece that he gifted to his youngest son. Combining modern technology with deep respect for Bugatti’s rich automotive heritage, the Baby II is a meticulously crafted 75 per cent scale version of the iconic Bugatti Type 35. All electric, it faithfully captures the essence of the original 1924 French Grand Prix car via a comprehensive 3D scan. Like the original, this is a very limited edition with only 500 cars built.
  • Ferrari Testa Rossa J — A tribute to Ferrari’s remarkable triumphs, valiant drivers and the brand’s pursuit of excellence, this is a genuine collectable that ignites enthusiasm. It is a 75 per cent replica of the revered 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, celebrated as a monumental figure in both Ferrari’s lineage and motorsports lore. Conceived and assembled from the authentic sketches housed in Ferrari Classiche, this exquisite scaled homage is limited to a mere 299 cars. 

Grand Touring Automobiles is Canada’s largest luxury, super-luxury, and hyper-luxury vehicle retailer. It offers unparalleled expertise in selling, servicing and maintaining The Little Car Company’s models. With highly skilled, factory-trained technicians and state-of-the-art facilities, Grand Touring Automobiles ensures that every vehicle receives the utmost care and attention, protecting each owner’s investment.

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